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Scoring system

Squash scoring systems have evolved over time. The original scoring system is known as English scoring, also called hand-out scoring. Under this system, if the server wins a rally, they receive a point, while if the returner wins the rally, only the service changes (i.e., the ball goes "hand-out") and no point is given. The first player to reach 9 points wins the game. However, if the score reaches 8-8, the player who was first to reach 8 decides whether the game will be played to 9, as before (called "set one"), or to 10 (called "set two"). At one time this scoring system was preferred in Britain, and also among countries with traditional British ties, such as Australia, Canada, Pakistan, South Africa and India.


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Summer Competition

Two timed 15 minute, point a rally games, with a 3 minute break in-between games.

Points are unlimited for each game, therefore the total points are what a player can amass over the two 15 minute games.


 Players over 30 years


Junior Novice Competition

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